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The Evolution of Your Purpose

I recently started a new job. That’s right, a job! I have not worked in almost 10 years. I have been a stay-at-home mom and it’s been my joy. Since moving to Charleston, I have been praying about getting more involved in the adoption/foster care field here in SC. I applied to a few jobs and I didn’t really get anywhere with them. It dawned on me to reach out to my son’s old adoption lawyer who we used 10 years ago and she encouraged me to become a notary. She shared with me her need for notaries when birth parents are consenting for adoption.

I did just that. I had my first experience a few weeks ago. Before heading to the lawyer’s office to meet the birth parents, I remembered watching my son’s birth mom at the hospital and seeing how difficult it was for her to make the decision even though she knew it’s what she wanted to do. She wrestled with the decision even the hour leading up to her signing. Here I was again, 10 years later watching two birth parents do the same thing. As I watched the lawyer explain the process, I saw the anguish and sadness In their eyes. I was simply there to witness and notarize the adoption consent but to me it felt bigger.

I was witnessing one of the hardest days of their lives. My prayer in that moment was to be a comfort to them as they understand the intricate details of their decision. The weight they were carrying was real and heavy. I don’t understand the reason why they were doing what they were doing or what brought them to this place but I knew my job was to be there. My job was to share a soft smile and use kind words. To me, It was more than paperwork.

I walked out of the lawyer’s office that day with three names: birth mom’s, birth dad’s, and baby’s name. I am praying for them every week as they continue to walk through their decision and the loss they may feel. It feels like a privilege to have met them and now to pray for them. This week I will meet with another birth mother in the hospital who is consenting to adoption. I don’t know her story either but my job is to show up again and hopefully be a vessel of God’s love.

I shared on Instagram the other day that EVERY PERSON has a story. There are reasons why people do the things they do. It’s tempting at times to judge others or look down upon them, but our job is to simply love these people where they are at. My prayer in this new career path that I am on is to do just that: LOVE on the birth parents and babies that I meet.

10 years ago after walking with Josiah’s birth mom through the adoption process, I had no idea I would now (in 2021) be witnessing and walking alongside other mothers/parents do the same thing. I do not take this job for granted. I count it as an opportunity. This is clearly the evolution of my purpose and I am excited even for where this next season will lead me to. God has been making a way for me to do this job through my very good, yet challenging experiences in this field over the years.

If you’re still trying to figure out what’s next for you, my suggestion is to be obedient to the path God has you on. I have gotten so frustrated over the years wondering if I should be doing more with my life with my passions and gifts. I felt a tension in me countless times but I can see now how he was growing and pruning me in the process and in the waiting. The same could be for you. Where you are now could very well be the evolution of your purpose and dreams to come. My friend, don’t give up! Don’t minimize where He has you. Stay obedient in the waiting and In the pruning. You never know what is on the horizon and what He has planned for you years down the road. Be proud of how far you come and where you are going. There is good to come and He is not finished with you yet!


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