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Living In Your Purpose

Someone asked me the other day a question about adoption, “Is it ever weird for you that your boys have different parents?” I thought about it briefly and my answer was surprisingly quick, “Not really.” I then explained to her that being involved with adoption/ foster care is something we are very passionate about. It… Continue reading Living In Your Purpose

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Reflecting on the Past and Feeling Hope for the Future

It’s been an interesting season to say the least. Last year started out unexpectedly and wonky for many. Little did any of us know the events that would follow when 2020 began. Covid-19 happened to us all and then our family found ourselves in crisis with one of our kids. Trauma can be triggered by many… Continue reading Reflecting on the Past and Feeling Hope for the Future

Church Planting · Community · Encouragement

I love 4/20 (just read it)

April 20th. Many people relate this day to certain things. Don’t be alarmed. I am not about to write about this topic. This day has certain meanings for different people, but this day is extra special to our family because it’s the day we moved to Asheville. I remember closing on our house on this very day in… Continue reading I love 4/20 (just read it)


What You Can Learn From a Doughnut Shop

Have you ever been somewhere that immediately made you feel at home? A local coffee shop, a bar, or a friend’s house? Our home is in Asheville, but it didn’t always feel this way. When Robbie and I moved to Asheville we knew no one. I repeat, NO ONE except Robbie’s brother and his family. It… Continue reading What You Can Learn From a Doughnut Shop