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A Safe Haven For Our Children

I’ve been a mama for five-and-a-half years now. Raising both biological and adopted children has taught me so much about openness, respectfulness, and the importance of one’s story. I know full well of my own story and what life has taught me but at times I can’t help but carry the weight of my children’s stories. I… Continue reading A Safe Haven For Our Children


Our Struggles don’t have the Final Say

I’ve never been one to enjoy traveling. Now that we live far from family traveling is our new normal. Late last year, we were on our way home from Charleston. We had been with extended family for a whole week and we were anxious to get back to our mountains. As we neared Asheville and as I neared the… Continue reading Our Struggles don’t have the Final Say

Encouragement · Motherhood

3 Ways to help YOU become a more Effective Mom

Sweet mama friend, if you are reading this then you get what it’s like to raise little people. You know the ins and outs of motherhood and you are most likely in the thick of it. We could probably spend hours at a coffee shop chatting and sharing stories about our children. We would laugh about the… Continue reading 3 Ways to help YOU become a more Effective Mom

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I love 4/20 (just read it)

April 20th. Many people relate this day to certain things. Don’t be alarmed. I am not about to write about this topic. This day has certain meanings for different people, but this day is extra special to our family because it’s the day we moved to Asheville. I remember closing on our house on this very day in… Continue reading I love 4/20 (just read it)