"She" Poem Series · Encouragement

A Poem: She Shows Up

She is trying new things,

She is taking risks, 

She is filling her time with things that give her joy.

She finds peace not in results, relationships, or outcomes of her days,

But in who she is; whose she is.

Every day she has a choice.

She wakes up, 

gets out bed, 

and fights for herself.

She shows up for her loved ones and remains present,

She looks for the good around her.

This a testament of her healing.

In these moments, she knows she is growing.

Every day is filled with an opportunity to show up for herself and for others, 

An option to love and be loved,

There is so much more freedom found there. 

The weight of life feels lighter, 

Her purpose feels greater,

Her heart feels fuller. 

She Shows Up.


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