"She" Poem Series

A Poem: She Pauses

Her thoughts are swirling,

Her mind is racing,

Anxiety is setting in.

She has felt this before, 

This uneasy feeling, 

as her body tightens, 

her breathing increases, 

and her hands become clammy.

This feeling some days, comes and goes, 

but these thoughts and worries,

they are well known.

Tomorrow’s wonderings and

Yesterday’s heartache,

she calls to mind.

She reminds herself,

Her thoughts do not define her.

Her memories will not consume her;

Not all of her at atleast.

She doesn’t have answers to all of her questions,

She doesn’t know what is coming next. 

All she has is the here and now.

She reflects on her strength.

She tells her mind to slow down.

She chooses peace over confusion.

She closes her eyes.

She takes a big breath in.

She tries to calm her body and collect her thoughts. 

Everything is going to be okay.

“One day at a time”, she tells herself.
Her body feel a little less intense now,

She believes in herself;

not in what’s right in front of her.

She can do this.

Instead of rushing too far ahead,

and too far back,

She collects herself.

She pauses. 


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