To the Mom who showed me Kindness

I will never forget the day another mom went out of her way to help me. It was a normal week for me and my two two year olds. We were indulging in one of our favorite activities: play time and lunch at Chickfila. As we finished up our lunch, I decided to let the boys play for a few minutes then asked one of my boys if he needed to go potty because we were smack dab in the middle of potty training. And may I tell you- it was hard. Like any two year old, he said no so I went to go gather their shoes and the next thing I knew he had peed all over himself. I got irritated. I was more so frustrated with myself that I would even attempt to go out in public knowing that something like this could happen.

I gathered all of our things and the three of us headed to the bathroom. As I began to take my son’s clothes off to put on a clean pair I gazed over and noticed that my youngest now had a puddle all around his feet. It happened again. This time out of anger, I threw my head back with feelings of defeat. I felt helpless, way in over my head, and most of all ALONE. As I uttered words of frustration to myself, the next thing I notice is a tap on our bathroom door. I peeked out hesitantly and recognized a girl from my MOPS group at church. She began to explain to me that she noticed that I had my hands full and that I was having a hard time so she followed me into the bathroom to see how she could help.

I was speechless. Immediately all of the anger left me. I was so grateful for her kindness and willingness to help that I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even know how to respond. She immediately started helping me get new clothes on my son without hesitation while I changed the other. Still shocked by her gesture I couldn’t say much and all I could bring to my lips were, “Thank you, thank you.” A few minutes later she insisted on walking us out to the car and helped me put both boys in their carseats. I hugged her neck and then she was on her way. When she was out of sight I cupped my face into my hands and started to cry. Not only was I overwhelmed by potty training and feelings of defeat but I was mostly overwhelmed by the kindness that this girl showed me-by what took place. I barely even knew this woman. I saw her a few times at MOPS and that was about it. We had’t had a chance to really connect yet but that didn’t matter. Apparently moms can sense when other moms are stressed and she decided to act on it. And I am so glad she did. This woman helped me in more ways then she knew that day. She prevented me from becoming overwhelmed by my situation and it left a lasting impression on me.

Moms, from here on out let’s take the time to notice each other. Let’s take the time to look around from our present situations and realm of influence and see how we can help those who may very well need it. What will one small act of kindness draw you to do today? What would happen if we began to show kindness by offering a helping hand to our fellow mamas? Would we treat each other differently? Would others take notice? I believe so. Kindness is contagious. Maybe just maybe we will be able to help other moms in ways like I desperately needed the help that day. Even one small act of kindness at Chickfila can go a long way. It could change everything.



3 thoughts on “To the Mom who showed me Kindness

  1. This was so needed for me today! It’s easy to look at the craziness and tragedy going on around the world and even in our local communities and feel so helpless. How can *I* do something? Sometimes, that ‘something’ is as simple as what this mom did for you- coming alongside someone and helping, no matter your relationship. Thank you for sharing this!


    1. You are exactly right. There is a ton of ugly stuff going on in this world. It’s overwhelming at times. Hopefully kindness can shift our focus to the needs of people and less on feeling helpless like we are unable to do something about it! Glad you shared. 🙂

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