Lessons Learned in Marriage- Day 1

image1-6.PNGMarriage is a beautiful thing. It’s a lot like parenting in how it’s amazing, incredibly fun, and takes a lot of hard work to maintain a healthy relationship. There are many things that can affect a marriage: moving, a job change, having kids, finances, health issues or strenuous seasons. 

The honeymoon phase and first year of marriage is so fun. It’s fun to get to know one another. Your relationship begins to deepen and grow. On the other hand, you learn what makes the other tick. You start to see each other’s silly habits and the not so pretty ones either. Premarital christian counseling will tell you that the key to marriage is keeping Jesus the center and foundation of your marriage. And sacrificing for one another will help your marriage thrive. 

Another thing that impacts your marriage greatly is how you and your spouse respond to life’s changes and challenges. Let me explain, together you will either perservere and grow together as time goes on or instead away from each other. As a unit designed by God, what does it look like to stick it out and unite in supporting our spouses through the thick and thin of life? What helps a marriage thrive?

Lesson Learned: Pick your battles and learn to say sorry.

This is a hard lesson learned must I say. To be honest, I am the worst at saying sorry even in the littlest of fights. The ABSOLUTE worst. In the middle of writing this post my husband and I got in a fight and yet again I had a hard time saying sorry- how ironic. It’s simply pride. Maybe your like me and you get in the habit of refusing to “drop the rope” and would much rather say mean things to make it a point to be the one that is “right”. This happens so often in marriage. 

I am learning that It’s useless and quite frankly a waste of time striving to make a point when rather I can simply and humbly say sorry when I know that I have hurt my husband. What would start happening if in our marriages we started saying sorry more? Or forgiving more quickly instead of letting anger fester towards our spouse? 

Forgiving our spouse and saying sorry is a choice that will either make or break your marriage. I read once that, “Passion isn’t always about being sexy, it’s about being faithful.” This is so true. Marriage is about staying faithful to one another no matter how big or small the offense. It’s about letting go of pride and seeking to humbly serve, love, and forgive one another out of reverence for Christ.


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