Saying YES To Adopting an Older Child

My husband and I have always been passionate about adoption. We always share with people that we feel called to advocate for two things on this side of heaven: adoption and the local church. In 2017, our younger boys had just started Kindergarten and we felt the stirring to adopt again. We had adopted our… Continue reading Saying YES To Adopting an Older Child

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A Resting Season Is Not A Wasted Season

There is a cute little window that sits right above my kitchen sink. When we were looking at our house for the first time, I noticed this window immediately. I imagined it being a perfect place to set plants on and display the little flowers my boys would bring me after playing outside. Two years… Continue reading A Resting Season Is Not A Wasted Season

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What is a “Good Mom” Anyways?

I used to think that my children’s behavior were a direct reflection in how well I was doing as a parent. This became very evident to me when my younger boys were very little and I would take them on outings. Our outings mostly consisted of frequent trips to target, Chickfila, or the park. I… Continue reading What is a “Good Mom” Anyways?