Trees & Strength

I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately. One of my favorite things to do is look up while I am on trails and direct my eyes to the top of the trees. I love the feeling of the trees surrounding me. For some reason it makes me feel grounded and at peace. Trees are… Continue reading Trees & Strength


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Living In Your Purpose

Someone asked me the other day a question about adoption, “Is it ever weird for you that your boys have different parents?” I thought about it briefly and my answer was surprisingly quick, “Not really.” I then explained to her that being involved with adoption/ foster care is something we are very passionate about. It… Continue reading Living In Your Purpose

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Reflecting on the Past and Feeling Hope for the Future

It’s been an interesting season to say the least. Last year started out unexpectedly and wonky for many. Little did any of us know the events that would follow when 2020 began.¬†Covid-19 happened to us all and then our family found ourselves in crisis with one of our kids. Trauma can be triggered by many… Continue reading Reflecting on the Past and Feeling Hope for the Future

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Encouragement for the Parents this School Year

Many parents are gearing up for the school year. It may look like remote learning, sending your kids back to school, homeschooling, or heading back to work and trying to juggling both. Many are up against a lot this school year. It seems as if there are a lot of unknowns and uncertainty revolving around… Continue reading Encouragement for the Parents this School Year