A little more about Life Planted Here…

I keep passing these flowers that are starting to bloom near my front porch and I smile every time I see them. We planted them ourselves so it’s been fascinating to see hints of red, pink, and orange emerge from the ground. I take ownership and pride in these flowers. I’ve held the seeds in my hand, pushed them slightly into the soil and the end result is right before my eyes. Vibrant, beautiful, and delicate flowers. My hopes are that their roots will grow deep and strong so they will bloom again next summer.

What I love most about the word, bloom is it means to flourish and thrive.  This reminds me of our lives. Most of us want our roots to grow deep, to get this life right so we can bring something beautiful into the world. Many of us want to bloom where we are planted,  flourish, and thrive! Yet, when rain comes, when the wind is too rough, when we get stepped on, off balance, when we feel empty, when life gets hard you may ask yourself like I have asked myself many times- how do I do it?  This is a tough question to ask but at Life Planted Here I want us to discover these things together. I want us to….

Embrace: Embrace the season you are in. Recognize where you are at and what you are called to do. Are you a friend, a mom, a wife, a missionary, a student, a successful career woman or man? Recognize it then embrace it. Give this life all you’ve got. In spite of what happens or how hard life can be choose to embrace the unknowns, the obstacles, and wherever you are at today. I know this can be a challenge.

Learn: What is God teaching you where you are planted? If you don’t know, ask Him to show you. As I look back on my life and see my failures, my weak seasons, or even what I am currently  going through right now I am reminded that God is always teaching me something. At times, I don’t know what it is till I am on the other side of but just knowing that he is working in me makes the world of difference. Can you relate? Strive to learn what God is teaching you and hone in on how you can grow from it.

Live: Live in the today’s moments and messes wherever God has you. Live in the tension. As we begin to bloom and our roots begin to deepen let’s live in the moment, the mess,  the beauty of this life God has called us to.

Discover: Take the time today to discover where you are planted. Sometimes we may have to first ask ourselves, am I content with where God has me? Or, how can I display Jesus where I am presently? Something also good to think about is, what kind of culture or demographic surrounds you? What is the need around you? How can you play are part in where you are planted? If you don’t know, discover it. Seek God and pray about it.

Dream: It’s possible to bloom where you are planted yet still dream big dreams. I think dreamers are the most fascinating people in this world. They live in the clouds, they are curious, they ask questions, and they want to see change take place. You can bloom where you are planted by investing time in your passions, your gifts, and in your dreams.

These are things that I try to implement into my life on a daily basis. Often times I fail, but I keep trying. Will you join me? Take the time to ask yourself these tough questions and get your feet a little wet. Oh, I can’t imagine what kind of beauty will blossom when you do. We are in this together! Bloom….

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away our inner self is being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians. 4:16