Yes, we have adopted! Robbie and I are so passionate about all things adoption. When we started dating we always wanted to adopt so when the day came we chose domestic adoption (for several reasons) and the process has truly changed our lives.  Our journey through adoption started about four years ago when our oldest, Makai was just three months old. Assuming that the adoption process would take awhile we went in head first.

Little did we know, that God had a different story for our family. After three short months, we were matched with a birth-mother and a month later our son Josiah was born. Our boys are 6 MONTHS apart. We were young and felt way in over heads when we they were littles but looking back we wouldn’t change a thing. Josiah has brought so much JOY into our lives, quite literally. We are better because of him. Josiah is at the age now where he understands his story and it’s his decision to share when and with whom.

Out of respect for him I don’t go into much detail about his story these days because it’s his story to share! I do plan on sharing some adoption related posts though! With that being said if you have any questions about the domestic adoption process, the emotional roller coaster that takes place, raising money, fundraising or anything please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask! You can email me at

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