Saying YES To Adopting an Older Child


My husband and I have always been passionate about adoption. We always share with people that we feel called to advocate for two things on this side of heaven: adoption and the local church. In 2017, our younger boys had just started Kindergarten and we felt the stirring to adopt again. We had adopted our second child, Josiah, 6 months after our biological child was born in 2012. We had a great experience adopting a baby through an agency but in 2017 we were feeling led to adopt an older child through foster care. We knew there were so many children in foster care waiting for a forever family. After much prayer and thought, our search began on

We had so many questions and concerns but the stirring to pursue one of these children began to grow stronger and stronger the more we looked into the process. Every time we would hear of a child and hear a part of their story we felt it was a privilege to know about them. I began to pray for them by name. I circled each name in my journal. Little did I know, one of those circled names would later be our son….

Read more of this post HERE. I am guest posting today over at my friend Karly’s blog in honor of Foster Care Awareness Month. Join me over there! Also, you will love Karly’s posts. Her passion for foster care and adoption is contagious. She is so encouraging in what she shares. Go check out her amazing blog!  


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