Seeing People & Sharing Hope

We are all powerless more than ever. Every single one of us. Every one is dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Every time you turn the news on, COVID-19 is being highlighted. On social media, someone is sharing about it. We are in the middle of history in the making.

This will go down as the monumental event that took place in 2020. This virus is fast, ever changing, aggressive, and life-altering.

This virus has taken away our freedoms, for some their livelihood, and many their lives. It has brought on discontentment and devastation.

It’s hard to even comprehend what is happening sometimes or even know how to talk to our kids about this epidemic. None of us are okay with this obviously but I am getting more and more comfortable with the truth that we are ultimately powerless over a lot of what is currently happening. We can stay home and stay safe but the outcome of all of this is not in our control.

The world wants to fix problems and fix them fast. I believe God wants our eyes fixed on him, not the problems currenttly surrounding us.

There are so many who are living in fear right now. Many are crippled by anxiety and are worried about the future. I have had my moments too but I know, above all else, there is a hope out there that surpasses those ever-changing worries and thoughts. Many do not have this hope nor do they know about it. My prayer has been through all of this that people would look for a “higher power”, a hope, or a lifeline out of their desperation.

And it would be Jesus.

In Him, we find peace, stillness, rest, and hope. In Him, contentment and powerlessness can coexist. In Him, we are given a hope that keeps our head high as we look at a scary future.

It it really saddening at times how ‘hard times’ can change people. Just jump on social media and you will see how hurting people are hurting people with their words and their opinions. It’s also easy right now for many of us to draw in and think about our own needs in this season. I believe the best way to be Jesus and share this hope is to begin by “seeing” those around us. I know many of us are limited in where we can go and what we can do but when we do have those distant interactions we can simply look up, show love, and be kind to others. People need kindness more than ever right now.

We can offer the hope of Jesus through a smile, a kind gesture, a phone call, or through loving support. People need it and I believe many want it. In a time where many of us are completely powerless and all going through the same thing, how can we be there for one another in a “socially acceptable” way? Simple.

Be Jesus to the world today.

Love immensely.

See Others.


Write a card.


Offer up hope.

Be the change.

Make people feel loved today.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash




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