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A Resting Season Is Not A Wasted Season

IMG_2368There is a cute little window that sits right above my kitchen sink. When we were looking at our house for the first time, I noticed this window immediately. I imagined it being a perfect place to set plants on and display the little flowers my boys would bring me after playing outside. Two years in and I have taken advantage of this little window. In fact, I received an orchid awhile back. I set it in the lefthand corner. When I received it it had luscious purple and white dyed like petals. I loved it. When I thought it was dying I became very discouraged because it was one of my first plants in the new house. I decided to Google my concerns and see if maybe I could bring my little guy back to life.

After gathering the facts, I learned that when an orchid stops blooming it enters Dormancy, also known as the resting period. This is good news! It doesn’t mean that the orchid is dead! It’s simply in a resting period. All I needed to do now was give my little guy a little more attention but to mainly let it be.

Check this out.

“Dormancy allows the plant time to rest and replace the nutrients expended during blooming. Nutrients and water are stored in the plant’s leaves until they are needed for growth and blooming. Dormancy typically lasts from 6 to 9 months and your orchid may rebloom on its own. But sometimes orchids need a little help activating the natural rhythm that leads to blooming.”

This struck a chord in me. How many times have I been in a season of dormancy? In other words, a season of rest or inactivity? Those seasons are sacred around here and they do not come easily. Our life is full and ministry keeps our calendar filled throughout the year but intentional and designated times for REST is what keeps us going.

Are you in a resting season? Or does a resting season seem impossible to you right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I empathize with you. Resting is so good but I also know taking time to rest is hard. Sometimes it means rearranging the calendar or saying no to things. Regardless, it takes intentional work and effort.

I love the description of the orchid being dormant for awhile. A dormant season for an orchid can last up to 6-9 months but it is VITAL for the nutrients to settle into the roots. The 6-9 month time is NEEDED so the orchid can replace its nutrients used for growth and blooming.

I think resting seasons are vital and very much needed in our lives. If we don’t stop, we crash. If we don’t take time to pause physically, mentally, or emotionally we lose our balance and our relationships suffer.

We live in a world that is constantly going and onto the next thing, idea, or endeavor. We don’t have to live like this though. My husband shared with our church a few weeks ago, “A BUSY life doesn’t necessarily mean a FULL life.” We have taken the word, “busy” out of our language. Our life is full because we pick and choose what we are a part of. It is full because we have obligations and events but we make REST as much of a priority too.

Maybe a 6-9 month time period isn’t realistic for us to rest and stop all the things but setting aside time to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves, however that looks, is good for our soul and our well being.

Last orchid fact: Did you know that once an orchid has gone through dormancy, you yourself, can trigger it to rebloom? There are tips out there on how to help your orchid bloom and develop. I think that is so cool.

I believe by resting we develop, grow, and gain insight! Maybe it’s contentment. Maybe it’s peace. Maybe it’s a fresh outlook on life. Maybe it’s new dreams, vision, or passions for the next season you’re about to go into. I believe God wants to prompt us, speak to us, and use our resting seasons for good.

A resting season is not a wasted season. God can use your season of slumber and inactivity for good. Here’s my final tip: Don’t feel guilty about being in a slow season. Don’t believe in the lie that this season is wasted or that you’re not doing anything. None of us think that and slowing down doesn’t change your worth or potential one bit. Take advantage of the quiet. Cherish it. Say no to the extra stuff and say yes to the stuff that matters the most like rest, God, family, self-care, and your relationships.

I believe you will only BLOOM because of it.





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