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Foster Care: The Reality of Appointments for Children

Another day, another appointment. This is the reality for children in Foster Care. Whether it’s a child’s first day in foster care in a new placement or his or her’s 586th day in care- the appointments are a part of the process.

Guardian at Litem appointment.


Doctor’s Appointment.

Children’s Family Team Meeting.

Home visits.


Foster Care Wellness Checks.



The list goes on. These appointments are crucial and needed for a child’s well being. These meetings help plan their future and they determine next steps for reunification or adoption. These appointments are a part of Foster Care but it can begin to weigh on these children as they try to gain some sort of normalcy in their already chaotic life.

I know this because I have seen it first hand.

I always joke that I am the secretary for our family but it’s so true. A thought out, well planned calendar is key for our family to function together. I am flabbergasted at times as I look at my calendar and see how many appointments we have each week involved around Foster Care. It’s no joke. Some weeks can feel insane but I know these meetings for our son are needed. These appointments are full of people that genuinely care about him whom determine his future.

I have seen amazing people step up for him in these meetings. They have been there for him from the beginning and they will continue to be there for him.

I heard the other day, “A child only needs one caring adult to succeed.” We have seen this. I would like to add, if you put a child in the right environment with caring adults they will succeed. They will grow and thrive. Their reality and hardship may not change but they are supported in the process and in the pain.

Children in Foster Care, children who are waiting to be adopted will never stop needing caring adults. They need stable environments. They need some sort of normalcy as they are shuffled from appointment to appointment.

They need grace and support as so many people are involved in their junk day in, day out.

They need “middle parents” as they are waiting to be reunified with their biological parents and others need forever families who will say YES to them.

Our journey as Therapeutic Foster Parents is coming to an end because our oldest is about to be adopted into our family. He will be out of Foster Care soon! This is so exciting but this is also a big transition for him. We are grateful and so is he about no more appointments. He will finally have normalcy but he will still need support as he continues to transition with us. We are his forever family but he still has his birth family. I can’t even begin to understand how to manage this but we vow to support him in his journey.

I believe there is a home out there for each child waiting in foster care, waiting to be adopted. I believe in this with my whole being so I will continue to advocate for these children! With National Adoption Month approaching (in November), I plan to share more about the reality of foster care and our adoption journey. Join me in the process and thank you for letting me share.


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