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To Be More Childlike

I broke mom code the other day. I read my seven year old’s journal. I know, I know. I goofed. My reasoning is these sweet little pictures down below and I didn’t want to forget them. Makai, if you’re reading this one day, please forgive me. I only did it out of love.

I loved these pictures so much because it reminded me of my son’s innocence. It gave me such a sweet perspective on how children see the world. They are optimistic. They easily trust their parents. They aren’t consumed by worries. They have joy. They love well.

It reminded me that when our children fall they know who to run to. They don’t doubt it for a second that mom and dad will drop everything they are doing to help them in that moment.

They simply trust us.

Oh, to be childlike as an adult. Oh, to surrender our worries and our fears. Oh, to dream big and be filled with wonder. Oh, to see life in a more positive way. Would our worlds begin to change? Would we trust our Father in Heaven more? Would we begin to easily and more quickly return to him and give him the details of our story?

I want to be more childlike when it comes to viewing my Father. I want to without a doubt run to him with the good and bad. I want to see my life with more of a joyful outlook because that’s what our children do and we see those results firsthand.

Last night before bed, I was telling Makai how lucky I was to have my boys and he responded, “Mom you aren’t just lucky. You are special and I will always protect you.”

He believes it and he sees this in me. Oh, to be more childlike in the way we see ourselves and the way our Father sees us. I think this would change everything.

You know, it takes practice to more childlike again but wouldn’t it be better in the long run? It can be scary because it requires surrender and trust; two of the most hardest things to do as an adult especially if we’ve been hurt or broken before. My prayer today for us is that we will remember what it’s like to be more child like again.

Lean on your Father. Trust in Him more. Give him the process and the details to your dreams. Find joy in the little things and run to Him with everything just like our children run to us.


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