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To the Inexperienced:

I found myself writing a card to a friend who is starting the foster care/ adoption process this morning and as I wrote a sweet peace fell over me. This verse has been my go to, “The Lord guards the inexperienced; I was helpless, and he saved me.” I remember reading this verse and feeling very inadequate in the foster care/adoption journey. Tears would stream down my face onto my bible as I repeated this verse over and over to myself.

Robbie and I both have had many moments where we have felt inexperienced in this process and we still do! More often than not. There are times where I have been very confused, frustrated, and wishing I had all the answers! We’ve even seen our children wrestle with the details of their story and that’s tough to watch too.

I reminded my friend what I should’ve reminded myself back then is that it’s okay to feel inexperienced in life. It’s normal to feel confused, frustrated, and lacking BECAUSE what we are doing is hard and It’s hard for our kids in a way we will never understand. 

Confusion, frustration, and insecurity are normal human emotions and this is where God does his best work. I can speak from experience when I say God has done so much work in my heart through this journey. Hardships and confusion have brought me to a deeper dependence towards God and I have learned to surrender the details to him. 

Surrender is not simple. Some days we will fight against it. And even our weaknesses are hard to manage BUT, “Our weakness and need make God’s grace such good news.” (She Reads Truth Bible Devotion)


Did you know that having grace towards someone means accepting someone? It means showing approval, esteem, and high regard. I think I understand grace but It’s hard to fathom this type of grace that comes from the Father. Grace is favor from God. It is relentless and It doesn’t change like our circumstances do. It doesn’t change like people do.

Grace is who He is and what He does.

Grace is for the inexperienced. 

Grace is for the weak.

Grace is for the confused.

Grace is for the angry.

Grace is for what I think about myself. 

Grace is for tommorrow.

Grace is for you. 

Where there is GRACE, there is HOPE.

If you are feeling inexperienced, weak in an area, or way over your head in a journey can I kindly remind you,

Your weaknesses can actually be your biggest strength! In fact, they are your ally!

My husband always tells me this and I cling to his loving words daily. Understanding our weaknesses and shortcomings can lead us to look at ourselves and our circumstances in a more loving, a more GRACEful, and a more compassionate way. 

Nobody has it all together. My friend Stephanie says often, “You can’t do it all and do it well.”

God has helped me see my lack of in life and He uses it for good; for His good. It starts with surrender and grace. I am learning how to do this on a daily basis and it isn’t always easy. I strive for perfection at times. It’s in my nature but I carry grace around with me. Sweet grace. Grace from our Father is our safe haven and I pray you would receive it today and feel encouraged. 




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