Remembering Home

There is this grey sign that hangs on our dining room wall next to our other crooked frames. It says,

“Home is where our story begins.”

I found it one day at big lots and it caught my eye immediately. When I read the words it reminded me of our children. These words were something I wanted them to see everyday and it got me thinking about our home.

I hope when our children think back on their childhood they remember how fun home was. I hope they remember home as a safe place, a fun place, and an uplifting place.

I hope they remember the family nights that Robbie and I prioritized. I hope they remember nights around the dinner table talking about our highs and lows. I hope they remember “bro time” with dad and “mom dates”. I hope they remember the good and the bad and how the bad pushed us forward.

As our kids get older their story will begin to become one that they add to and less of one that we guide. They will have to make choices and decisions about their futures.

Their story will begin to evolve as they make these decisions. I can’t help but dream about what are children will do when they get older. Each of them been given such unique qualities, desires, leadership capabilities, and drive. We will continue to champion their story even if it’s from a distance.

I hope as they set off on their endeavors and pursue their dreams and callings they will remember where their story began. It started when God created them with their unique purpose and their story began in our home, under our care.

I hope as our children look back they know that we did our best. We did a lot of failing forward but we did our best.

We loved immensely. We made mistakes, we leaned on God, and we tried to point them every day to Jesus.

We will always remember these years of guiding, encouraging, and raising. It’s not even close to being over yet but I can’t help but hope they will remember these things.

I want them to remember home.


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