Understanding Our Shortcomings

My son loves to draw. I am biased but I think he’s really good at it. He’s a little artist in the making. There’s nothing like watching art come to life from a six year old’s perspective. Sometimes I will just sit and marvel at his effort and technique. He says often to me, “Mom, I want to be a scientist and an artist.” I run my hands through his hair and encourage him to keep drawing and creating.

IMG_0881 2.jpg

There are times as he draws and he becomes really frustrated. He will scribble over his whole picture and walk away angry with himself saying, “I messed up!” I try my best to console and encourage but I find that giving him space in these moments helps him the most.

As he walks away frustrated, this makes me think how I too can get so frustrated with my weaknesses and short comings. Some days it feels like marriage. Some days it’s in the thick of motherhood. Some days it feels this way when I try to write something or some days I wonder if I’m a good friend.

Insecurity and frustration towards our weaknesses can either dig us into a deep hole or it can cause us to work harder, be better, and become our best selves.

I heard something the other day from my mother-in-law that was so profound. I was venting to her about parenting stuff and she said, “Chelsie, the little mistakes you are making today will help you make good decisions later.”

It resonated so much with me. I think God feels this way when we have moments of weakness. He reaches down towards us, cupping our hands in his and reminds us that He is making us stronger through our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:8). It’s so hard some days to understand this truth. Our mistakes, our trials, and our short comings are a part of the development and renewal of our best selves. They strengthen us, develop us and help us make a difference later.

If we were to let this truth sink in I think we would begin to develop a new strength. A new mind set would begin to take place. A peace will be received and will motivate us more than ever.

I take this encouragment and share with my son that he too can keep pushing through. Making art is a process and so is this thing we call life. We are never going to be perfect at it. I just want to be good enough at it with hopes that I can make a difference.


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