What Change can teach Us


This past weekend our church staff and our families took time to get away and be with one another. This is our second year doing a staff retreat so it was fun repeating traditions and stepping away from ministry for a few days to reflect and have fun.

As I overlooked the same mountain view on the balcony I did last year I was reminded of all that has changed since standing in this very spot.

Counseling took place, Robbie had surgery, we took vacations, family members past away, our church grew which came with highs and lows, we endured hardships, and our children started Kindergarten.

I know it sounds crazy but I am thankful for change. I wrote last year that change can be good. The scenery of fall in the mountains reminds me of the change in my life that takes place every year. Change is good and healthy. At times, change can be hard and difficult to bear.

One thing I am learning is: God’s grace is enough in change. Leaning on Him in change brings breath to my lungs. Change is what deepens my relationship with Him because when our weaknesses are exposed in change, He is gentle and he cares for us lovingly (2 Corinthians 12:9). I want to turn to Him in change.

The reds, greens, yellows, and orange colors basked across this mountain view are the perfect imagery of the different ways I have grown as a person, wife, mother, and friend because of change. The different shades of color that evolve during the fall, winter, and spring season in these mountains reflect the old fading in my life and the new making it’s way slowly but surely. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I feel more confident this year. I feel free. I want this feeling to stick around.

I like that certain trees don’t die during Fall. They stay grounded while the leaves change and fall. This reminds me that no matter what happens in my life I am grounded in Christ. Sometimes seasons will stretch us, make us, or even break us but we can stay rooted in the One who created us. We can be sure that we are strong, established, and found in the strength of our Father and for that reason we can endure change confidently. (2 Timothy 2:1)

Who knows, maybe you will like what change brings. I hope we can lean into change a little more deeper with expectant hearts because we know we are safe and grounded in Him. As life changes, He stays the same- – – what a good feeling. 



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