This is Where I’m At. (Thoughts from an honest MOM)


Hey there!  As you may have noticed it’s been quiet over here. Now that my boys have started Kindergarten, I’ve taken some time to really focus on this transition with them.

I am excited to share that they are loving Kindergarten and I couldn’t be anymore happier! They are excelling and learning so much already. Their teachers are amazing and the energy among the staff and the principal is contagious. We love their school and it’s been so far a really smooth process.

Many of you know that the transition of sending our boys off to school has been anything but easy for me personally. Some of you have asked how I am doing with all of it. And my answer is honestly, I am doing okay! I am really enjoying the newness of this change yet it comes with all sorts of feelings.


Robbie and I decided after the kids went to school that I would take some time to rest and reflect. I am so thankful for this time that I have to myself but I must say it feels odd. I almost feel guilty some days for taking it. Going from staying at home with our boys for 5 years to not is a drastic change. What was once sound filling my house during the day is now non-existent! I am able to eat food by myself and use the bathroom without interruptions. It’s been nice to meet friends whenever and get a lot of cleaning done but it feels weird not knowing what my boys are doing throughout the day. I have and always have been the planner of their days. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

Luckily, I trust their teachers and I believe our boys are in the best place right now to learn and grow. While they are in school, I have been fortunate lately to spend time praying and thinking about the future. I am excited about how God will lead me in the coming months especially as I get more involved at their school and pursue some personal endeavors.

I wanted to share a blog post I just read and the emphasis was focused on struggling to embrace the next season. Do yourself a favor and go read it right now! If you are a mom going through any kind of transition it will encourage you greatly. I love how she encouraged me, “The next seasons of life are good too.”

I’ve been telling myself this daily and I’ve seen it play out the more as we get into a routine with this whole school thing. Honestly, I miss my boys greatly. I grief some days wishing they were little and realizing that my time at home with them has passed. I no longer control their environment during the day and they are not so little anymore. They are moving on up in the world BUT I must say I have been able to experience such sweet things in this season with them.

Picking them up from school, being available to them before and after school, surprising them at lunch, doing homework with them, watching them become more and more independent, and writing sweet notes in their lunch box have brought me so much joy that I didn’t think possible. There is beauty in this new season of motherhood and I am grateful for it. I’m seeing it more and more every day.

You know I’m not sure if this blog post was more so for me to process my emotions or to encourage you but one thing is for sure- we all go through change. No one likes it and it’s never easy. I’m thankful that even when change seems really hard it can still be good for us. It’s this weird balance to try to figure out some days but there is joy found in the thick of change it if we choose to embrace it. And I am choosing today and tomorrow to embrace it. And so I say to myself, “This season of life is good” and if your currently in any sort of change or transition it’s good for you too!






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