2 Ways to change Interrupted Quiet Times into Teachable Moments


As a mom, there isn’t much you can do alone while at home. Whether it’s eating, or sending out an email there is bound to be little people begging for your attention. After I became a new mom I was faced with this reality. I remember trying to read at the beginning of my day but quickly learned my attention and time looked drastically different with little people in my life.

Once was me sitting in my favorite chair spending an hour reading and writing became a morning full of diapers, breastfeeding, and a whole new routine. I found it so much harder to make time with the Lord a priority because I had more responsibilities and little hungry people to take care of. I used to get so irritated at times. I desired and needed the time with Jesus but it was very difficult to do and have it uniterrupted. Maybe you know the feeling.

Fast forward to today and I have learned to let go of letting the interruptions bother me. Being uninterrupted is a very high and unrealistic expectation as a parent. I have learned over the years that our kids are just being kids and I can in fact change my irritation of “interrupted quiet times” into teachable moments.

I’ve tried different ways to seek the Lord and my routine has changed frequently over the years. My ideal morning now is my alarm going off at 6am and my coffee pot set to make when I wake up. I’ve even learned how to avoid the creaks on my old wooden floors to avoid waking up the kids so I can read and have some “me time” even if it’s just for 30 minutes. I find that by making this time a priority helps me read alone and start my day with Jesus some what uninterrupted.

I’ll sit on the couch while the house is quiet, I’ll open my bible, and begin a devotional in the First 5 app. I’l journal or write out my prayers and normally around 6:30 am on the dot my oldest, Makai peeks his head out of his room and joins me on the couch. He’ll indulge in a t.v show as I finish up reading. Every so often, (like today) he’ll ask me what I’m reading or journaling and it’s now been some of of my favorite moments. It’s been  great opportunity to turn a “interrupted moment” into a “teachable opportunity”.

Why are these moments so important to take advantage of? 

  1. It sets an example to our children to seek the Lord. As parents, we know that our children are always watching. They are sponges soaking up everything we say and do. I want my boys to look back and remember that I always tried to spend my mornings seeking the Lord and prayed over them. It gives me an opportunity to share a verse to them or speak life into them.
  2. These moments can become a family affair.  It took awhile for me to finally find a routine that works and maybe it will for you. Robbie and I used to get up every morning and read at the table while the boys watched a show but over the summer with no school time I have gotten up earlier to ensure that I have prioritized alone time. One of the things that we have adopted  this summer as a family recently is prayer. Every day before Robbie leaves we gather together as a family and pray. Sometimes it’s just Robbie and I praying or sometimes its the four of us praying together in the car. This has been a great opportunity to show our children how to pray and talk to God. They have become so much more comfortable talking to God then they used to. Praying together has a way of unifying us and beginning our day together.

With Kindergarten starting TOMORROW, I’ve found myself grasping onto these teachable moments and snuggling extra close to my boys on the couch. These moments will look different as we get into a new school routine but I want my intentions to remain the same. I want to continually let them in on my time with God.

I understand the feeling of needing time alone, reading, and making it a priority. It’s so important to seek the Lord but what if Instead of thinking as these interruptions as a bother,  we considered it an opportunity to point our children to the Lord. Their ongoing needs, the tugging of the shirt, and the snuggles are what our little people are supposed to do. If we love our family first by letting them on these moments with God we are putting God first and it honors Him.


2 thoughts on “2 Ways to change Interrupted Quiet Times into Teachable Moments

  1. Oh Chelsie, that was so beautiful! I love the way you have found balance with your little ones! And what a beautiful way to teach them about time with the Lord! Great job lady!


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