When Your Dream Seems Impossible….


Ever since Robbie and I have been married, God has placed a few dreams and assignments in our hearts and we have been fortunate to see them come to life. We have bravely dared to chase these dreams in full pursuit. Some of them we are still chasing and some of them have changed over the years. Since then I find myself dreaming and chasing more dreams with greater confidence and faith.

If you find yourself wondering how your dreams will ever come true, how it will be funded, or where to turn when your dreams seem overwhelming and impossible then allow me to encourage you today. God resources our dreams in ways we would have never expected and I want to share three personal experiences in hopes to ignite FAITH in you.

It all started in 2012…..

1.) Resourcing our Adoption.

Many of you know that Robbie and I adopted early on in our marriage. Long story short, when our son, Makai was three months old God placed a dream on our hearts to adopt.  We met with an agency and next thing we knew we were putting together a home-study and waiting for the “call”. When we were matched (only three months later) we knew we needed to raise $14,000 for our son’s adoption. We even said yes to Josiah before raising the money. How crazy were we? Yet we knew God was opening up this door and we had to take it.


We said yes and we had three weeks to come up with the rest of the money. We did newsletters, fundraisers, and parties to raise money but we were not even close to the mark. We rushed to do a huge yard sale hoping to raise more money and indeed we did. After receiving donation after donation of furniture and items for this yard sale we were ready. That day we raised $3,500 for Josiah’s adoption. Crazy! Two weeks later, Robbie and I received the biggest tax return we had ever received- $10,000 worth. We had never seen that much cheddar in our bank account before but we knew that it was only God to make something like this happen in such a short period of time. God strengthened our faith through this dream. He resourced every bit of it through people and through a miracle. We were blown away.

2.) Raising Robbie’s salary and funding The Gathering Church.

Fast forward a few years later after God assigned us to move to the city of Asheville, Robbie was fortunate to be able to speak at our home church (Northwood Church) before moving to there. We were hoping that through this opportunity we would gain monthly financial supporters. We needed to raise his salary for three years. Wowzers. We were way in over our heads again but we knew God would make a way.


That day after Robbie spoke, the Holy Spirit moved at Northwood Church and we raised a one-time gift of $25,000 towards his salary and Robbie received a huge stack of cards of people who wanted to support us financially on a monthly basis. I mean COME ON. Since that day we have had consistent financial supporters and we’ve been able to live in this city for two years. The church isn’t self-sustaining yet but we are on track. Money comes in every month. People are tithing and we are able to have a great facility every week in the heart of West Asheville.

# 3 The dream of seeing a lost city come to know God.

As of today, this dream is still in “full pursuit”. We are constantly working our butts off to serve and love this city all while knowing God’s got it. We are not alone in this and it’s not up to us. It’s been extremely frustrating at times, exhausting, and risky. I’ve questioned this dream often yet we know this is an assignment we must keep pursuing. There is so much at stake and we’ve seen God provide financially, relationally, and eternally in HUGE ways because of our obedience.


I am thankful for the few crazy dreams God placed on us to pursue over the years but I left out a very important key factor that helped these dreams take place—-PRAYER.

Robbie and I reverently prayed our way through these dreams and assignments. We are still praying.

I’ve been reading the Circle Maker Book by Mark Batterson and when it comes to big dreams he encourages people to draw circles around these dreams. In other words, PRAY over these dreams.

He shares, “Having vision beyond your resources is synonymous with dreaming big. And it may feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure, but you’re actually setting God up for a miracle. How God performs the miracle is His job. Your job is to draw a circle around the God-give dream. “

Although, we didn’t draw literal circles around these prayers back then, we are starting to do so now. God has now placed dreams on our hearts for the future. Some of them aren’t clear. We aren’t totally confident in them, yet we are drawing circles around them, dating them, and believing God will play His part.

Maybe you’ve wondered how your dreams will come to life. Maybe you aren’t sure how God will resource a dream or it seems overwhelming. Can I encourage you today to draw circles around these bad boys? Pray through them, have faith through them, and do not quench the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:16-19). In other words, allow God to grow your faith through these dreams even if it means they don’t take place till years from now. Or even if these dreams change. God’s got it.

Gals, let’s dare God on these God-sized dreams. Let’s get a little foolish and crazy because, “Faith is the willingness to look foolish.”

I’m ready. Are you?



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