Obedience in the Little Things

Have you ever done something that gave you a life-giving, purposeful feeling? Maybe it made you even think, “I was made for this.”

For some, it’s making artwork, biking, teaching or singing.

For me, it’s motherhood.

My dream has always been to be a mom.


I vividly remember begging Robbie during our first year of marriage if we could get pregnant because this dream bubbled up inside of me. I knew it was a role God was calling me to. Eventually after our first was born, I felt delirious and sleep-deprived but I knew I was still in my element. I was made for this.

With that being said, I’ve currently been struggling with the thought of my boys going to Kindergarten and these stay-at-home mom years coming to a close.


I am having a really hard time with the reality of this. I was just telling a group of friends that I find myself in this transition period as a mom. I am transitioning out of these stay-at-home years and I have fears of letting my boys go. I find myself wanting to pause time so I can soak up moments with them. I am grieving the change of this beautiful time at home with them.

I can feel the change coming. I know I am still their mom. It’s not like they are graduating college and leaving the house but it feels as if my identity is changing and our family is about to embark into a new stage. It feels like a big deal.

Just recently, I felt God whisper something to me as I was playing on the front porch with the boys. He knew that I’d been wrestling with feelings of excitement and feelings of fear about the future. His timing is always perfect.

“Be obedient in the little.” 

Me: “Say what?”

He whispered again, “Be obedient in the little.”

Me: “Okay, okay God. Well what do you mean by that?”

God: “Be obedient in the little.”

After seeking God about this He revealed to me what this means.

He told me to simply pay attention to the time I have with my boys and be present with them. 

Enjoy them. 

Delight in them. 

Love them. 

Trust God with my fears. 

I am not sure what the transition of Kindergarten will be like or what is next for me once they go to school. Maybe it won’t be much different.

All I do know is that I am supposed to be obedient in the little right now. 

The little, the mundane stuff looks like getting on my knees and playing with them. It looks like putting my phone down and snuggling on the couch. It looks like stopping what I am doing when Josiah says, “Hey mom do you want to swing on the hammock with me?”.


Why? Because it’s the little stuff that makes the BIGGEST impact. 

I find that sweet memories are being made and they take notice of our time together. My priorities are aligning. My heart is softening. I am finding joy just being with them and worrying less about the future. I am trusting God.


Maybe you’re like me and you struggle to trust God with your fears or the future. Maybe you are going through a transition and it’s hard.

All I can say to encourage you is what I am currently learning:

Be obedient in the little. Trust God. Love His people. 

Sometimes it’s the only thing you can hold onto. He’s got your situation. He’s got you. He’s got your worries and your emotions. He can give you joy if you simply trust him with the little things.

What does being obedient in the little things look like for you?


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