How to Rest, Learn, and Receive


I love it when there is order in my life. I’ve found myself lately catching up because it has felt the quite opposite- out of order.  Robbie and I were just talking how we have traveled 5 times to Charleston for different reasons since November! It’s been crazy but we trying to get back into a good rhythm and get some sort of control over our lives again.  Maybe it’s OCD but when my house is clean and I have control over our schedule- I just feel at ease. Do you?

I’ve shared recently that Robbie and I have a lot to look forward to in the months to come but are realizing that we have a lot to learn. We find ourselves embarking into a new season with new challenges. It’s the flow of life. This life and church planting constantly changes. I am finding that there are times we can get so caught up in working and doing that we forget to rest, receive and learn.

Robbie and I listened to a TED talk a few weeks ago called, How to get better at the things you care about and I wanted to share it with you. This talk explained how many of us go through life working hard but sometimes we don’t understand why we aren’t improving in the the things we care about. Many of us don’t improve much despite our hard work because we spend most of our time in the performance zone and not in the learning zone.

I know for me, It’s easy to work hard as a mom or as a leader but sometimes I feel stagnant. I think it could be because I am not always intentional about learning, growing, and resting. This rings true whether it’s a hobby you are invested in or a job that you work hard in. 

The talk explained that we can better at performing by spending time in the learning zone. This can look different for different people but there are simple things we can do to get better at the things we love We can start by finding a mentor, setting aside time to read, watch videos, share with others your goals and how you would like to improve. 

This talk may seem at first like it’s geard towards companies and business people but it encouraged me greatly as a mom and in other areas I am passionate about.

This hit home with me, “Real confidence is about modeling ongoing learning. What if instead of spending our lives doing doing doing, performing performing, performing. We spent our lives learning, exploring, asking, listening, experimenting, reflecting, and striving.

This talk was only 11 minutes long and it’s really challenging. I think often times as a mom and a leader I spending most of my time doing, doing, doing. There is so much I can do around the house or in my church. Maybe the same is for you? Maybe you enjoy having order in your life, but you aren’t always intentional about making time to rest, grow and learn. I challenge you to do so this week!

One thing I’ve started doing is listening to podcasts when I am driving or when I am working out at the gym. I have fallen in love with God Centered Mom podcast and it has encouraged me greatly. This little thing I’ve now implemented into my schedule has made the biggest difference! I am learning how to be a better mom!

Maybe for you it means opening up to a friend about an area you are struggling in and asking for encouragement to get better at it. Or maybe it means setting aside time to read books on something you are passionate about. Whatever it may be, I hope you will value your passions and roles enough to take care of them!

My boys have many years of learning and growing ahead of them. Who says it has to stop when you are an adult? Let’s take time this week to grow, ask hard questions, rest, and further our knowledge in the things we care about and let’s see what happens.

I am in this with you!! Share with me below what you plan on doing this week and we can hold each other accountable.




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