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Family Update!


As you have noticed it’s been quiet over here! My little and family and I have traveled already three times this year and our life is full. Very good and very full. Thank you for sticking around. I hope that the past three months into 2017 have filled you with joy and less stress.

Even though life is full, I still try to make it a point to stop and remember to bloom where I am planted. I will reflect on what is important in the here and now and invest my time and roots in where I am planted. You can do this too wherever you are and in whatever phase you are in. I could chat with you about this over coffee for days….

We have some exciting things we are in the process of planning in the months to come and I wanted to share them with you. I don’t do family updates very often but I thought doing one would be fun!

  • We are getting ready to embark on a renovation! We are so excited to renovate our kitchen.  As some of you know we live in a old, beautiful bungalow. It was built in the 1920’s. Where it has much charm, it also needs a lot of work. And since the kitchen is where I spend 50% of my time this renovation is way overdue. Here are a few pictures of what our place looks like now. We plan on taking down half a wall and adding a bar that will open up the kitchen into the dining room. We are doing an all IKEA kitchen and it will be mostly white. Before & after pictures are coming your way soon!
  • Another thing we have planned is the ARC conference coming up in April. This is a conference for church planter’s all across the nation. Last year this conference blew me away. I am so ready to learn again from fellow church planter’s and leaders with our church staff. Even if you aren’t a church planter this conference is one worth looking into.
  • Our boys are in the last few months of preschool. We can’t believe that they will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. We plan on taking a family trip to Dollywood this summer, a trip to VA in May with friends, and then Robbie and I are taking a vacation (just us) for our anniversary in July. We are excited to have some fun stuff planned over the summer before we venture into the elementary years. Aren’t these boys adorable??16602489_10155052550854083_7630512840539947486_o
  • Robbie and I are both being more intentional about working on our physical/emotional/spiritual health this year. As of lately, we’ve been evaluating our lives and are putting healthy changes into practice. For example, I just got a physical and joined the gym to stay fit and healthy. And I am leading a women’s group on Tuesday nights. I have learned so much spiritually from these ladies. One of the cool aspects about this group is we didn’t really know each other that well before starting and we are all so different from one another. I am so thankful for this season of community and growth with them. IMG_6866And last but not least, I couldn’t leave out my hubby. Robbie is currently leading a men’s group, embarking into a new hobby (mountain biking), and he’s recently found new mentors to learn from. I am so thankful that my husband values himself and his family enough to make necessary changes for the betterment of our family. We believe it’s important to constantly learn and grow as times goes by. Hopefully these changes will help. A post about this subject is currently in the works. 😉

**I do send a monthly update letter about our family and our sweet church plant every other month so if you’d like to receive one just shoot me an email I hope you have a wonderful day! I am looking forward to connecting more soon.







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