Thank You Friend.


If I could sit with you with a cup of coffee in hand, I would eagerly tell you thank you. Thank you for allowing me to use this space to share openly and honestly about my life. Thank you for reading, following along, and being interested in what I have to say about motherhood, marriage, community and some of my own personal struggles.

Often times, I get intimidated by the blogging world. It’s easy to compare my space at Life Planted Here to other people’s spaces. In the past I have thought that writing should look a certain way or that I should be doing more with this space but I am learning that simplicity is okay. It’s okay for now and it’s okay for the future.

This space has solely been created as in outlet for me and a place of encouragement for you. 

Thank you for being okay with the simple look and the random thoughts. I am giving myself grace in this season when it comes to writing and trying to write when I can yet still remaining teachable. Every day I am choosing to bloom where I am planted and I hope the same for you. I am very expectant about this year and all that God will lead you and I through. 2017 is going to be good- I just know it!

I hope that you will stick around. I can’t wait to share more about community, family fun ideas, motherhood, and church planting!  I am also open to suggestions and to your questions as well. I care about you and I would love to connect with you. Feel free to comment below about who you are or shoot me an email!

It’s been my joy thus far so thank you friend. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Keep on blooming!


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