To The New Mom at Target


As a clearly new and tired mama, an older lady once said to me at target, “Enjoy it while you can.”

I walked away that day rolling my eyes at her. It wasn’t my brightest moment, but didn’t she see that I had two babies under 6 months old? I thought to myself, “Okay lady. I am enjoying it while I can, but I am just trying to make it through this day.”

I was a hot mess that day. I think I was still in my pajamas. I had spit up on my shirt and I was trying to juggle two babies at once. I was desperate to get out of the house so I headed to Target in hopes to pass time. I was in survival mode. The last thing I needed was this lady’s so called “advice”.

I was also feeling burdened with mom guilt. Questioning if I was a good mom. Questioning If I was giving my kids what they needed; the attention they deserved. I was only one person and could only do so much. I felt the weight of comparison and unrealistic expectations crushing me.

It’s been four-and-a- half years since that day. I will say, now I realize what the old lady meant even if I didn’t want to hear it. My kids are heading into their last season of preschool before they head off to Kindergarten next fall and I feel as if my stay-at-home mom days are coming to a close.

It’s happening and I feel time slipping by. A mid-life crisis may just happen over here. Someone please save me.

It was as if yesterday I was wiping butts and packing my diaper bag to head off to target to pass time. Maybe I am being too nostalgic but I am understanding more and more the meaning of the quote, “The days are long, and the years are short.”

Living out my dream as a mom has been the best experience ever. I’ve learned so much and grown so much along the way. I’ve been stretched (literally), and pushed beyond my limits. You are probably nodding your head right now in agreement.

Although, I wish in those early years I felt better about who I was as a new mom and what I was doing. I wish I had more confidence back then. I didn’t feel very confident. I second guessed everything that I was doing.

If I could go back in time I would hug my new, hot mess mom self and tell her, “You are doing the best you can. You are a great mom. You got this.”

If you are a new mom and you are in the thick of it, I want to reach across this screen, hug you and tell you, You are not alone. I had two babies under 6 months old and it was insane. Insanely crazy, but insanely good. Sometimes the days seemed so intense and “tomorrow” felt so far away.

What you are doing right now in this moment is so important. It’s true, they won’t stay little forever. Soon they will be writing their names, talking back to you, and riding their bikes. There will be less cuddles and more independence.

I don’t want to tell you to enjoy it while you can. I want to remind you….

YOU are enough.

YOU are able and capable to do this.

YOU are just what your child needs.

If YOU love your children well then YOU are doing all that you need to do.

Being a new mom is so hard and can feel exhausting and overwhelming at times. I am still exhausted as mom to a four and five year old. Trips to target, messy hair, and yoga pants are okay some days. Ditch the guilt you may be feeling. Who has time for it anyways? You are just trying to make it through this day and girl, that is okay. I will say it again, it’s okay! You got this! In fact, you are killin’ it so hang in there. Nap time is coming and I promise you will take a shower soon enough.

I’m over here cheering you on. You are doing a great job!







One thought on “To The New Mom at Target

  1. Beautifully said Chelsie! I am printing this to leave on the doorstep of a very harried mother of two down my street!
    Love you girl!


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