Finding Your Outlet

On a cool Thursday afternoon, my husband and I headed out to one of our new favorite coffee shops. The music playing in the background, the people, and the delicious sausage and egg biscuits had us coming back for more.

After we ate, read, talked, and took in this cozy coffee stop we decided to be spontaneous and walk through the art studios in the River Arts District.

If you ever find yourself in Asheville, North Carolina and you are into art this is the perfect spot. It’s a small but eclectic area full of nothing but art studios, galleries, and restaurants. You will find fresh art on every corner. 185 artists in 25 buildings in fact.

This was our first time exploring this area because let’s be honest, kids and fine art don’t go hand in hand. You could say we were more than eager for the opportunity. As we walked and gazed, we were so amazed at the art before our eyes. The craft of making something beautiful out of a blank canvas, clay, or even metal was truly magnificent.


We stopped during our time there to take a few pictures because I didn’t want to forget this place. One thing that stood out to me in the studio of Jonas Gerard was his working area. The birth of his fine art took place in a big room with a wall full of inspiring quotes. I’m assuming this wall was meant to encourage him as he painted.

It caught my eye immediately.

As Jonas paints he probably looks at these encouraging messages to inspire him to keep drawing, to keep painting, and to press on. It’s was so inspiring. As we walked out I noticed a man with paint all along his white paints and paint splotches all over his arms. This was Jonas Gerard. An elderly, ordinary man with a well-known studio doing what he loved to do. This was his livelihood. This was his outlet.

On the way home it got me thinking. What are some of my outlets? What are the things I go to when I am full of feelings, creativity, frustration, or passion?

Writing,  I thought to myself. This is my passion. This is what I love to do.

Processing my thoughts by stringing words together is a way of healing for me. It’s the way I understand my own emotions and it’s how I encourage others. It’s my outlet. It drives me.

What is your outlet? This question is something we could all ask ourselves.

Is your outlet in the form of exercising? Hiking? Is it making art? Painting, drawing, or even doodling? Is it writing poetry? Is it talking walks and listening to inspiring music? Is it making food?

Whenever you are feeling something whether it’s anger, anxiousness, or simply creativity bubbling up inside you- what is the one thing you want to do? Or where do you go?

As I look around at the amazing women and men in my life I see that God gave us each unique gifts and talents. No two people are the same. He gave us the ability to do things and to go places to create, heal, inspire, and refuel. Maybe it’s all of the above but whatever it is it’s there waiting in each of us to be discovered.

According to Wikipedia, an outlet is a means of expressing one’s talents, emotions, or energy.

In other words, it’s therapy for our souls.

If you haven’t yet discovered your outlet, take time this week to do so. Try out a new routine, a hobby, or take a step into the unknown of something new and different. You may be surprised who you inspire.

Whatever it is, it will be creative. It will be valuable because what you create and do is valuable. It will inspire. It will be something beautiful. It will be a work of art.



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