Ditch the Mom Guilt: Love them Well

Ditch the Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. It’s there, it happens, and it’s real. Many of us struggle with it more then we’d like to admit. In today’s society there is so much to distract us from what’s most important in motherhood resulting in mom guilt. Mom guilt is a derivative of the comparison game, thoughts that we think, and the lies that we believe in. There are many triggers to mom guilt. It can easily be something we see on social media, something we observe at the park, something that someone says, or a deep rooted insecurity. Maybe you have said these things to yourself before.

“I am not a great mom.”

“I didn’t do enough with my kids today.”

“I yelled too much today.”

“My kids watch too much t.v.”

“I should be breastfeeding.”

“I wish I was more patient. I feel like a terrible mom.”

“I complain too much about motherhood.”

Lie after lie. Thought after thought. These are the voices we listen to and it’s a sad epidemic in motherhood. We can be our own worst critics. I’m not sure about you but I hear these voices the most as I lay down for bed at night and I rehash my day. When my boys were toddlers I struggled as I saw pictures of other mothers doing Pinterest activities with their kids. I would compare myself to them and even envy their patience. I thought they were so brave to pull out the glitter and bust out the glue. I was EXHAUSTED and for me it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. I just didn’t have it in me at the time. Result: mom guilt. Eventually this deep rooted insecurity of not measuring up as a mom began to take me hostage and steal my joy.

A year later during counseling, my counselor and I touched on this subject and she asked me, “Do you love them well?” I responded quickly, “Well, yes I think I so.” She then went on, “Do the go to bed healthy, happy, bathed, and knowing that they are loved?”  I answered, “Yes, of course.” And the next thing she said to me is something I will never forget, “Then that’s all that matters.” It’s true. Loving my children well was what mattered the most. I vowed from that day forward to live to my full potential as a mom. Crafts with my kids didn’t define my value as a mom.  I began to believe that I was a good mom because I loved my kids well and that was enough. No longer was I going to be controlled by other voices. 

As a mom, I understand that you are doing your very best. The days are long. Believe me, I get it. Every day looks different, routines are different, and every child is different. Can I tell you that you are doing a great job even in the littlest of things like making dinner and bathing your children? You are loving them well, so ditch that mom guilt! Kick it in it’s rear end and live today in your full potential as a mom! You can do it and you are more than capable. Love your babies well because that’s all that matters!

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12 thoughts on “Ditch the Mom Guilt: Love them Well

  1. I feel like this is timely for any stage of motherhood! Constantly we are battling with ourselves on whether we are doing enough or if we are good enough or if our children are progressing enough, etc etc. It’s so great to remember that the most important thing is to love them well. My favorite part about that is that ‘loving well’ can look different for every mom- for some moms it’s bedtime stories and snuggles, and for others it’s healthy eating and others still spontaneous trips to McDonalds. I love that we can celebrate each other in our differences and say “good job, mama.” Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. You are right girl. It’s okay for us moms to do things differently yet have one goal in mind and that’s to love our littles well. 🙂 You are a great mama to JOY.


  2. LOVE this! I think every mom needs to hear it. We put so much pressure on ourselves but at the end of the day if our children are taken care of and know we love them, that’s all that matters 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I’m so glad you stopped by. You are right! Motherhood is hard and choosing to think about what is important every day is the best thing we can do even if it’s not always easy.


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