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Friday Favorites: Anniversary, Funky Chair & Sweet Memories

It’s been a rainy week in Asheville. It’s one those weeks where all I’ve wanted to do is cuddle up on the couch with a good book and listen to the thunderstorms and rain drops. It can be so peaceful at times. Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for the first time for Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites 01 (1)-2#1 First up, one of my favorite things this week has got to be that our 7 year anniversary was on Monday. It’s been a while since my husband, Robbie and I had a date. It’s way to hard to get a babysitter at times so it’s always a treat when we find one and are able to enjoy a night out to ourselves. On Monday, we walked from our house to two of our favorite restaurants for dinner and drinks and it was such a sweet time together. We reminisced about the last eventful seven years and how crazy and amazing they have been. It’s been a wild ride having two kids 6 months a part, adopting, moving three times, and church planting in a new city. I’m so glad I get to be on this adventure with this man.


# 2 One thing I love about our city is that it’s so artsy, creative, and weird. We were on our way home one day and we went past this couple that were selling a bunch of funky pieces of furniture, pillows, and rugs on the side of the road. It caught our eye so we turned around and spontaneously purchased this funky chair. It even spins. I love it and makes our home feel like it represents our city. It’s my favorite piece in our house!


#3 The boys and I have been making special memories together lately. I’ve been making an intentional effort to get out with them this week in spite of the rain. Plus, we feel so much better when we venture out of the house.  I really love their age and it’s been a joy to get out and explore with them. It seems like less work these days and more fun. This week we did DINO WEEK at a local toy store, played with friends, went blackberry picking on a mountain top, and visited one of our FAVORITE local diners for happy hour milkshakes and french fries. I love spending my days with these sweet boys. It makes life sweeter. They are my world and I love who they are becoming.


Speaking of sweet, I hope you have a sweet and beautiful weekend! TGIF!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Anniversary, Funky Chair & Sweet Memories

  1. LOVE the chair!!! And listening to you talk about days with your boys make me wish mine were still little! Those are such special moments! Enjoy every second with them – it goes by so fast!!

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