Taking the Time to Dream


Just recently I had the chance to head down to my hometown Charleston, SC and enjoy a getaway weekend with just me and my mom. I spent three days with her with the intent to simply relax and enjoy some time alone. On the way down, I prayed that God would refresh me. That this time would help both my body and soul find rest through the solitude that I was given. I also prayed that God would speak to me specifically about dreams and things that have been swirling around in my head. Things that I wasn’t prepared to talk to anyone about so I asked for peace and for his presence to just fill me up during that time.

IMG_3302.JPGAnd indeed He did. It happened on Saturday after my mom and I headed out to Kiawah Island. There we spent the day lounging on the beach, eating lunch and then window shopping.  While we were at the beach I took some time to myself and walked down to the shore. The cool breeze and the salty mirky water hit me simultaneously but I didn’t dare move a muscle. I was taking it all in.

I noticed a little girl to my left in a cheetah striped bathing suit twirl around. She was by herself but she was loving every moment of it. I remember how she looked so calm, so full of joy, so full of life, and wonder. I thought to myself that she probably dreams often. She probably dreams of being many things and  probably switches what she wants to be when she grows up because she’s young and she can; just like my boys do. And just like I did when I was younger.

I remember at her age my dream was to one day be a teacher. I would have my mom print off school assignments for me so I could pretend that I had a classroom and students to teach to in my little corner that I set up in our garage. It was fun pretending and dreaming. As I got older and as life changed, so much of my time became less focused on dreaming and more focused on what people thought about me. I compared myself to others and sought tirelessly to gain their approval. This resulted in me growing insecure of the dreams that I had and have even to this day.

I feared the potential of crushed dreams for this little girl that I saw on the beach. I remember asking myself that day, When did I stop dreaming? In Jennie Allen’s book, Restless she asks the same question and explains the answer, “We all used to be that way. But we have lost our whimsy. Our dreams have died, and in our pursuit of maturity, we have lost ourselves and even lost more of God.”

IMG_3300.JPGI’m not sure about you but I don’t want to lose my desire to dream big dreams; to pursue my God given gifts and passions. There is too much at risk. That little girl filled me with wonder and passion as I watched her. She reminded me that God has not forgotten my dreams. I still have the ability to create, wonder, dream, and use my talents. It’s not too late. He knows that I dream about….

….adding another child into our family through adoption or foster care one day.

….writing a book one day about my story and life experiences.

….seeing people in Asheville, NC come to know him and their perception of “church” changed.

…..raising my boys to be Godly men.

…..serving my husband and pushing him towards the man that God has called him to be.

…..Seeing family members break out of addiction and to give their lives to Christ.

…..encouraging women to seek love from God and not be controlled by the need to be in a relationship.

He has not forgotten about my dreams and I promise he hasn’t forgotten about yours. Whatever has happened to me or to you up to this point is not in vain. It has all been meant for a purpose to display Him in our lives. And every moment from now on to tomorrow is purposefully planned out to display him and lead us closer to our dreams, desires, gifts, and passions. We have everything we need and that’s Jesus.

I will end with another quote from Jennie because it’s so so powerful, “We are scared that God’s dreams may not be as cool as the ones we create in our minds. Those of us who have been saved have been set apart for a great purpose–and the great purpose is actually not a secret: we are to know God and make him known. So we do not dream independently, and God does not sign off on our dreams. He is the builder of our dreams. We bring him our blank canvases, hand them over, and say, “Whatever you must create to display your glory, do it.”

Take the time to dream today. It’s never too late to put in place your dreams and passions that only He has prepared YOU for. Ask him for wisdom and run after it. That’s what I’m doing. There is so much at stake and the world needs YOU. Just dream friend. Just dream.


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