Lessons Learned in Marriage- Day 3

Lessons Learned In Marriage

Lesson Learned in Marriage:  Joyfully Serve Your Spouse.

The best example that we can get when it comes to serving our spouse is looking at the life of Jesus. His time on earth was spent serving people countless times, meeting their needs and putting people before himself which ultimately lead to his death on the cross for mankind. Like so, I believe that in our marriages God has called us to serve our spouse.

 That may be easy for you to do but for some it’s a difficult task at hand. Seven years in and I still struggle to do this with a good attitude and a genuine desire to serve. 

Often times when my husband will ask me to iron his clothes before he heads into work. It may seem easier for me to develop an attitude and complain about him asking (yet again) then it is to just say a meaningful yes and serve him through this tedious task. I often have to check myself in times like these because if I complain about serving him in the littlest of things this will in fact carry over in the bigger more meaningful things.

When my husband comes home from a long day at work there have been times where he shares with me personally about what’s going on at work or how his week has been. Heavy, raw, and frustrating stuff. It may seem easier for me to state my opinion, complain about the situation then it is to actually listen and serve him by asking him questions like, “How can I pray for you or help you through this Robbie?”

 Complaining is not what he needs nor what he deserves. God has called us to serve our spouses in the biggest and smallest of situations from ironing clothes, creating a quiet and calm atmosphere for them to come home to after a long day at work, listening to their work load, or even pushing them to take time for themselves. Why is this so important to do? Uultimately because it’s a way of responding to Jesus in light of what He did for us; it’s a way to show our reverence for HIM.

 When my husband and I go through premarital counseling with couples he often will use this one-liner, “Sacrificing is giving up something you love, for something you love more.” In marriage we are called to sacrifice all that we love (ourselves) for something we love more (our spouse).

 Take a look at the life of Jesus. He loved wholeheartedly even when he felt tired. He did it out of reverence for his Father. He knew it was his ministry on earth. Our husbands are our ministry. And with that, I want to develop a attitude to serve my husband because it’s my JOY. Don’t you? I know your tired. Me too. God will give us the strength to do it if we just ask him. As we start our day with him and as we pray for our husband’s specific needs.

There is no secret formula to having a great marriage. In fact, we learn a lot through learning lessons and making mistakes. Join me today and let’s begin to show to the world that sacrifice and hard work is worth it. It’s worth it because our marriages are worth it. And displaying God in our marriages is worth it. 

What does it look like for you to serve your spouse? Now let me ask a even better question, what does it look like to serve your spouse out of reverence for Christ?


Please don’t miss out on Day 1 and Day 2 of Lessons Learned in Marriage. It’s been so much fun sharing with you! I hope you leave encouraged. Now go love the heck out of your spouse!


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in Marriage- Day 3

  1. This is so good and really hit home for me today! I love your passion and honesty. Serving our spouses out of love and a reverence for Christ is such a great reminder… our motivation reveals our heart, and it’s embarrassing to think about all the times I’ve ‘served’ my husband just so he’ll owe me one or because I feel obligated. Grateful today that marriage (and our relationship with God!) is worth the mistakes! Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. I’m glad you liked it! You and Jeff are such a neat couple and you’ve already started your marriage with such a strong foundation! It’s awesome.


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