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Last Day of School Gives Me Mixed Emotions

Today is the day! It’s the last day of preschool and it’s the first day of summer (for us). I have bittersweet feelings. I am filled with feelings of excitement because our boys will be performing in a program and I can’t wait to watch them! Also, I have some fun things planned this summer. Honestly, I am also a little sad today too. I realized this morning that I have one more year with them at home until they go to Kindergarten. One more year until they are in school for most of the day! Just the other day I was changing their diapers and managing feed and sleep schedules. Where has time gone? How is this happening? I am definitely reminiscing today. I have mixed emotions but I am feeling so so grateful all at the same time.

It’s been a whirlwind to watch my boys grow up. There is no greater feeling then to watch little human beings blossom into big four year old boys. The things they say these days makes my husband and I look at each other like, “Where did that even come from?” or “Who are these kids?”. They are constantly asking questions and telling us ridiculously cute stories. They are so curious and their imagination is fascinating. I can’t even imagine what the next year will look like for them. I can’t wait to see what they will learn, how they will grow, what obstacles they will overcome and simply watch them blossom even more.


Being a mom so far is one of the hardest, most fulfilling things I have ever done. It’s taught me so much about myself and it has stretched me in more ways then none. I am so grateful for these past four years with my boys. I remember when they were newborns and it was so hard to transition into motherhood. I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I thought it would always be hard and that there was no end sight. Four years later and on the other side of that I now know that as they grow it gets easier and it gets better! No more diapers, no more bottles, and they are more self sufficient these days. It gets better and becomes more enjoyable. This age is so fun!  Motherhood is just one of those things that I think God uses to teach us, mold us, and push us to be the women he has called us to be. It’s so worth it every day and as I look at the life’s of my little (now big) boys I am just so grateful. I am a better person because of them, because of what they taught me thus far and how they have pushed me to my limits. Thank you Makai and Josiah. Thank you God and thank you motherhood.

Now excuse me while I head to the preschool program and cry my eyes out.




2 thoughts on “Last Day of School Gives Me Mixed Emotions

  1. I was just going to message you to link this up and you already had! Love this Chelsie- I agree as the kids are getting older I find myself actually breathing and enjoying it all more!


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